Some Folks Laughed When I Told Them I had the "Key" for New Admitting Families
and Responsible Parties to Have a Greater Appreciation for What You Do
and Keep Attorneys Wishing to Sue You Away From Your Doors ...
Until They Saw the Truth

A Confession from Chip Kessler:

I don't mind admitting that their skepticism put me defensive at first. After all, no one likes to be told what you're saying is a lot of bunk. It was back in 2002 when my company, Extended Care Products first introduced our nursing home family education and risk management video program (on VHS tape no less) Setting Realistic Expectations® to facilities nationwide. The presentation's shown to families during admission and helps them understand the care and services nursing facilities do and do not provide, and why. Here misunderstandings are prevented, the kinds of misunderstandings that turn into anger against facility staff, and potential lawsuits!

And yet back then I heard comments like: "if my building showed this video, we'd go out of business" and "families aren't ready for this kind of information."

Some nursing facility folks indeed were skeptical; I won't repeat some of the names I was called. What kept me going and pushing Setting Realistic Expectations program was the fact that I knew this was something nursing facilities needed to stem the tide of lawsuits that still plaque many of our buildings across the country. Slowly things began to turn, and more and more people working in our buildings began to see the benefits of what this remarkable program had to offer. Building-by-building and state-by-state support grew.

I would hear the following, like this from Kellee Chassner, Admissions Director for A.G. Rhodes Home - Cobb, Marietta, GA

"Setting Realistic Expectations has absolutely helped us to establish better relationships with families. The video enables families to have a clearer picture of what nursing home life is like. After watching it, families ask questions and we're able to make sure they better understand about nursing facility care."

Or this very personal story from Gail Bias, a Social Worker at St. Michaels Nursing Home in Sauk Centre, MN:

"I first saw Setting Realistic Expectations when I was admitting my mother into a facility upstate. So here I was, not in the role of a social worker, but as a daughter concerned about her mother's well-being. Watching this video provided me with a great deal of comfort. There's no doubt that families need to watch it. In my case, my siblings needed to see it too because they didn't know a great deal about nursing home care. Sure there were things shown that I already knew, but when you live it on the job, sometimes you don't see the forest for the trees. That's why when I got back to my nursing home I made sure we began using Setting Realistic Expectations with my new admitting families."

Soon several of our nation's state health care associations began to recommend and endorse the use of Setting Realistic Expectations to its members like this wonderful organization:

"Setting Realistic Expectations helps residents and their families understand how a nursing home operates. We strongly recommend that our association members show the video during admission and then give families a copy to share with other family members."
Joseph Donchess, Executive Director, Louisiana Nursing Home Association

The video program began showing up at risk management seminars around the country as quite a few leading nursing home defense attorneys and insurers began incorporating the video into their presentations. In fact GuideOne® Insurance has recommended that all its nursing facility policyholders use Setting Realistic Expectations as part of their admissions process.

Recently some major changes took place. In keeping with the times the change was made from VHS tapes to DVD and then the entire presentation was given a new look and feel, with some new segments added to further symbolize to bonds between new admitting families and the nursing facility. One thing however didn't change: the strong educational message:

The New Setting Realistic Expectations is great! It covers everything that needs to be said to new admitting families about life in a nursing facility and really helps them to better understand that we do our very best but are not perfect. I can’t imagine conducting a new admission without using the Setting Realistic Expectations video. "
Joel Niblett, Administrator, Freedom Village, Lake Forest, CA


What about you and your building? Perhaps you've heard of Setting Realistic Expectations but have never used it, or perhaps you did several years back however have put it aside?

No matter the case, I have some exciting news as we celebrate the 200,000 copy of Setting Realistic Expectations sent to a nursing facility just like yours. You see the cornerstone of the program has been showing it during admission and then giving a copy to the new admitting family to share with other relatives and also keep for future reference. As you well know, quite often it's the "other relative" that's first in your face with a complaint or visits an attorney to sue after hearing about an incident in your facility. Thus from an educational and risk management standpoint it helps for as many people as possible to watch the Setting Realistic Expectations DVD.

It's Time to Take Another (or Maybe a First) Look at
Setting Realistic Expectations®

Discover for yourself, or re-discover why nursing facilities from every state have made this video presentation part of their admissions process, and enjoy some very special offerings!

SPECIAL 200,000 MILESTONE CELEBRATION: As my way of saying thanks to those of you who've made the presentation so successful, and also to extend a personal invitation to those facilities that haven't yet experienced the benefits of Setting Realistic Expectations I'm throwing a big party only YOU GET the presents. So for a very limited time, you can take advantage of three special opportunities.

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Dedicated to your success,
Chip Kessler
General Manager
Extended Care Products, Inc.


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